General Information

Barren River Home Care

Address 1133 Adams St Box 1157
Bowling Green, KY 42101
United States
Phone 5027812956
State Kentucky
Number of employees 9
Number of volunteers 2.25
Provider category Hospice
CMS Certification Number 181516
CMS regional office Atlanta
Participation date February 22, 1989
Ownership type Government - State
Facility type Freestanding Hospice
Last updated Aug 2017
Barren River Home Care is a hospice (to be more precise, a freestanding hospice) located at 1133 Adams St Box 1157, Bowling Green, KY. Their CMS certification number is 181516. You can get in touch with them at 5027812956.

To provide proper care to terminally ill patients, this provider employs a full-time equivalent of 9 employees and 2.25 volunteers (full-time equivalent too). From among them, 0.25 volunteer physicians, 4 registered nurses. Moreover, 1 aide is employed.

The hospice provides 10 services, like: counseling (supplied by staff), home health aide (supplied by staff), homemaker services (supplied by staff), medical social services (supplied by staff).
Service Provided By staff Under arrangement
  Home Health Aide  
  Homemaker Services  
  Medical Social Services  
  Nursing Services  
  Physician Services  
  Medical Supply  
  Physical Therapy  
  Short Term Inpatient Care  
  Speech Pathology Services